Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, s.r.o.


Current projects and grants

In 2019 we start project TA ČR TH04010207 with Brno University of Technology – Increasing the durability of concrete pavements of roads by limiting the effect of alkali-silica reaction (ASR). We also finished project TA ČR TH01031196 with the National Institute of Public Health – Research and development of the “artificial carbonation” process for the evaluation of durability and environmental safety of construction materials in the operation practice.

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Student architectural competition CONCRETE AND ARCHITECTURE 2017

Faculty of Architecture in Brno, Czech Cement Association and Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague organized fourth year student architectural competition CONCRETE AND ARCHITECTURE. This year was designed as national unlike previous years, which were intended only for students of architecture Faculty of Architecture in Brno.

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Concrete Roads 2016

The 6th Czech national conference “Concrete Roads 2016” continued after the international EUPAVE conference organized in 2014 and national conferences with the tradition since 2002. This year conference took place in Aquapalace Hotel Prague in Čestlice on 22nd September 2016.

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Concrete and Architecture 2015

Already the third internal architectural idea competition CONCRETE AND ARCHITECTURE 2015 was held this year. We organized this competition together with the Faculty of Architecture of the Brno University of Technology and Czech Cement Association of Czech Republic.

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