Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, s.r.o.

About Laboratory

The Laboratory provides expert opinions and interprets test results.

Our Testing Laboratory, accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 2018, provides the following tests:

Accredited tests


  • Determination of metals in water and aqueous extracts by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), including the preparation of test specimens, crushes and extracts from them – procedures according to Czech legislation (for contact with drinking water and for wastewater)
  • Determination of content of biomass and biomass carbon in solid recovered fuels according to EN ISO 21644 by method of selective dissolution
  • Determination of water-soluble chromium (Cr6+) in cement and cement-containing preparations according to EN 196 -10
  • Determination of total water content by gravimetry according to CEN/TS 15414-1
  • Determination of ash content by gravimetry according to EN ISO 21656
  • Determination of conductivity according to EN 27888
  • Determination of ammonium (NH4+) by photometry according to ISO 7150-1
  • Determination of carbon content by combustion method by infrared spectrometry according to EN ISO 21663
  • Determination of particle distribution and measurement of particle size on the principle of laser beam diffraction


Unaccredited tests

  • Comprehensive chemical analysis of silicate materials and building products
  • EN 196-1 – Determination of strength
  • EN 196-3+A1 – Determination of setting times and soundness
  • EN 196-6 – Determination of fineness
  • ČSN 72 2113 – Determinations of density of cement
  • EN 450-1+A1 Fly ash for concrete – Determination of efficiency index, setting times, soundness, requirement for water
  • Granulometric analysis of granular and powder materials by sieve and by validated laser grain method (for particular size from 0.01 to 2100 micron)
  • EN 933-9 – Determination of clay content in limestone
  • ČSN 72 2452 – Testing of frost resistance
  • EN 459-2 – Determination of reactivity of lime
  • Determination of pH and conductivity of water and water extracts
  • Determination of grindibility, determination of the effectiveness of grinding intensifiers
  • Determination of reactivity of limestone for desulphurization
  • Determination of slag glassiness
  • Determination of asbestos microscopically

We also offer the interpretation of measured results. (Not included in the test report.)