Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, s.r.o.

About Marketing

We offer the following activities and they are continually supplemented in accordance with demand.

Scope of activities:

  • Providing and performing: active information funds in the field of technology, economics, sales and marketing, namely in the competences: cement, lime, gypsum, limestones, mortar, plaster and generally as well asbestoscement and fibercement products.
  • Annotation and monitoring of professional periodicals
  • Search and patent professional services
  • Publishing of bimonthly periodical Information Newsletter
  • Cooperation with specialist magazine Beton TKS (Concrete-technology,construction, rehabilitation)
  • Processing and marketing research, economic analysis and other assigned projects in the following areas of types of products: cement, lime, limestone, gypsum, gypsum aggregates, concrete, dry mortar and plaster mixtures, including the final products such as concrete products, paving, roofing, bricks and other materials
  • Monitoring the building market in response to economic trends within the Czech Republic and its individual regions
  • Mapping the future changes in the structure of production plants, monitoring developments in the construction materials market in the Czech Republic
  • Tracking of raw material resources for construction in the Czech Republic
  • Organizing of professional seminars Lime, Cement and Ecology
  • Organizing ofspecialized conferences with the domestic and international participation
  • Organization of student architectural competitions and support for students of chemical and concrete engineering
  • Organizing of professional presentations and exhibitions.