Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, s.r.o.


Current projects and grants

In 2019 we start project TA ČR TH04010207 with Brno University of Technology – Increasing the durability of concrete pavements of roads by limiting the effect of alkali-silica reaction (ASR). We also finished project TA ČR TH01031196 with the National Institute of Public Health – Research and development of the “artificial carbonation” process for the evaluation of durability and environmental safety of construction materials in the operation practice.

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Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, Ltd.

Our core business is research, development and testing in the following areas:

  • cement;
  • lime and limestone;
  • mortars and plasters;
  • gypsum and gypsum plasters;
  • fly ashes and slag;
  • and other hydraulic and non-hydraulic binders and building materials.

What we do:

  • design technology solutions to meet environmental, legislation and standards requirements,
  • offer specialized comprehensive testing of building materials,
  • participate in development of European and Czech technical standards,
  • inform and educate on legislative issues, participate in the preparation of environmental legislation in the Czech Republic and the EU, represent interests of the production of  building materials industry,
  • organize training courses and seminars, provide marketing surveys.