About Institute

Basic Information


Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, Ltd.

Address: Na Cikánce 614/2, 153 00 Praha 5 – Radotín
Managing Director and Executive Director: Ing. Lukáš Peřka
Tel.: +420 606 281 477
E-mail: perka@vumo.cz
WWW: www.vumo.cz
IČ: 49618377
DIČ: CZ49618377

Type of company

Limited company

Owners of the company:

Legal persons

  • Czech Cement Association
  • Czech Lime Association


  • Ing. Jan Gemrich
  • Ing. Lukáš Peřka
  • Petr Schlattauer
  • Ing. Tomáš Táborský

Managing Directors:

  • Ing. Jan Gemrich
  • Ing. Lukáš Peřka


  • Ing. Lukáš Peřka

Responsible persons:

Technology and Laboratory Ing. Tomáš Táborský, Ing. Šárka Klimešová
Normalization Ing. Jan Gemrich
Information and Marketing Ing. Lukáš Peřka
Legislation Ing. Jiří Jungmann