Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague, s.r.o.

About Technology

We offer the following activities and test procedures, which are supplemented in accordance with the process of harmonization of Czech and European standards.

Scope of activities:

  • Solution of production and processing issues:
    • clinker and cement
    • limestone and dolomite
    • lime and hydrated lime
    • gypsum and gypsum plaster

    from the perspective of chemical technology, machine manufacturing, testing, standardization and metrology.

  • Evaluation of alternative fuels and combustible waste according to product legislation and legislation on air pollution and waste (REACH, IPPC – IED, etc.) for combustion sources, including evaluation of hazardous waste properties.
  • Determination of content of biomass and biomass carbon according to EN 15440 for use in establishing a process monitoring, reporting and verifying of greenhouse gas emissions under the provisions of the European Commission.
  • Determination of the absolute content of chemical substances in silicate materials and extracts prepared from them, according to Czech legislation on hygienic requirements for products coming into direct contact with drinking water and water treatment.
  • Water management and ecological assessment of materials according to Czech legislation which established conditions for storing waste in landfills and its use on the ground surface.
  • Balancing measurement in production of building materials (rotary and shaft furnaces, kilns, mills, heat exchangers, separators and other).
  • Proposal of formulas:
    • for the production of concretes, mortars, plasters and screeds in the dry state and also ready mix concrete
    • for cementitious and gypsum materials for other construction applications and design composition of aggregates for the given purpose
    • the economic balance of the profitability of production.
  • Fly ash:
    • testing, evaluating and proposing of uses of fly ash and other products of the combustion and desulphurisation processes for stabilizing earthworks
    • developing and testing characteristics of low strength mortars, pressure and heat-treated aggregates and porous concrete.
  • Desulphurization:
    • selection and testing of suitable limestone and lime absorbents for fluid, dry, semi-dry and wet desulphurization
    • proposal to use and disposal of products of the desulphurisation processes.
  • Testing of chemical additives for cement, concrete, mortar and plaster:
    • plasticizers and admixtures – air entraining, retarding, accelerating, prevents freezing, foaming, separating, etc.
  • Design a model to disposal of hazardous waste in cement and construction industry while preserving the properties of products – cement clinker, cement and concrete production.
  • Evaluation of health and physical requirements for building recycled materials for further use.
  • Solve problems related to gypsum and gypsum plaster in building use.
  • Development of Factory standards for new silicate products.